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The city of Espírito Santo do Pinhal, located in the interior and Mogiana region of the State of São Paulo, is a city known for its excellent geographic location for coffee plantations, in mountainous region, with temperature and climate ideal for coffee, is over 870 meters of altitude, a factor that favors the quality of coffee, the city is Traditionally known as “The Land of Coffee”, given its long history of production and marketing of the product.
The region has Geographical Indication (GI) of Provenance since 2016, the Geographical Indication of Origin is the basis of traceability, and represents the quality of the coffee produced in our region.  Read More >>


Elba Brazilian coffee company has representatives in various countries of the world; in Turkey,China, Germany, Iran, India, Sudan, Egypt, Malaysia, Syria, Bulgaria .
The focus of the company is on coffee products, especially on special premium coffee products.What specialize Elba green, is that it has an extensive networks inside and outside Brazil.Due to its great potential Elba green gets the best quality coffee crops compared to others.The company’s production is divided into two main categories: special coffee, carefully selected which has earned a high degree of professional connoisseurs.And daily known coffee to the consumer known as ground packaged coffee.With this power and ability to provide different types of coffee products known and unknown to the consumer, the company started with its branches around the world to share people with the unique taste of Brazilian coffee.




Types of coffee

Globally there are two types of coffee:

Arabica; It is about 70% of the world production and is grown in the high mountains and is the best compared with other types of coffee. Some of Arabica coffee include the flavor of flowers, chocolate, nuts and cherries.

The rate of caffeine in it is low, after roasting the percentage of caffeine is approximately 2%, but concerning its price, it is high in comparison with Robusta coffee.


The Robusta; it is about 30% of the world’s production and its granules are small and its shape is circular. It is  grown in the plains, more bitter than Arabica and it is much more dense.

Good quality Robusta is usually  used in some Espresso mixtures, to provide special foam for coffee. Concerning its price, it is relatively lower in comparison to Arabica.


We are offering to prepare special coffee according to the requirements and desires of our respectable customers.

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