Our products

I: Ground coffee products

1 – Turkish coffee


There is a common false concept that Turkish coffee is grown in Turkey. But the right meaning

is the method of roasting + the preparation method of this coffee.


Turkish coffee of Elba

Our Turkish coffee is specialized by the coffee used in. It is Arabica coffee 100%

It is  roasted with the latest methods and techniques to maintain the flavor and  taste that connoisseurs prefer.


Arabic coffee

Known to the Arab connoisseurs, they like this coffee to be a mixture of several degrees of roasting; light, intermediate and dark.


Elba Arabic Coffee

We as Elba family, have access to the special Arab flavor that had been lost since the days of our parents and grandparents.

We fulfilled to  achieve the special color and taste through our special roasting degrees which we mix and blend them with appropriate ratios.

Our Arabic coffee is specialized by the coffee used in it, is Arabica coffee 100% , with the latest methods and techniques of roasting.



Arabic coffee with cardamom;

Coffee with addition of cardamom is a coffee desired and required by a large segment of coffee lovers.

If the amount of cardamom increases, it is called Extra cardamom.


Elba Arabic coffee with cardamom

The correct ratios of cardamom and selection of suitable types of cardamom have a significant role in reaching the desired taste, without any addition of chemical flavors.

Our Cardamom Arabic coffee is unique; that the used  coffee is 100% Arabica coffee + the right percentage of special types of  cardamom, besides being roasted as mentioned before.


Turkish coffee with Mastic

Coffee with Mastic is a coffee desired by a certain segment of connoisseurs and it is prepared by the addition of Mastic which gives a special and distinctive smell and taste.


Elba Turkish coffee with Mastic

The addition of the appropriate proportions of Mastic has a great role in reaching the proper taste and smell, without any addition of chemical flavors.

Our Mastic Arabic coffee is unique; that the used coffee is 100% Arabica coffee + the right percentage of special types of Mastic, besides being roasted as mentioned before.


II: Coffee products not grounded


Espresso is a machine-made coffee by machine pressing. Starts from 5 bar and the usual average is 15 bar.

The higher the pressure, the better the quality of the machine and consequently the quality of the coffee prepared. The coffee is exposed to a pressure of hot water passes through the coffee and then filtered. With different degrees of foam according to the different types of used coffee. And then the Espresso coffee gets from the machine by this high pressure.

Usually, the cup of espresso is smaller than normal coffee cup and more concentrated and bitter according to the different types of used coffee.

There are several types of Espresso; they are classified according to different concepts.

It could be classified according to the roasting degree.

1- Light roasting

2 – Intermediate roasting

3 – Dark roasting


Also, It could be classified according to the coffee origin.

1- Colombian

2- Brazilian

3 – Indian

4 – African

Others , could classify  it according to the coffee quality.

1-Good cup

2-Fine Cup

3-Gourmet (flawless coffee, got points grade above 75 – 82)

4- Special (a special coffee that got points from SCA and entered the global rankings by special tests of professional connoisseur)


By this way, we have different types of coffee mixtures according to different types and qualities of coffee and different roasting degrees.


 Elba Espresso

We as Elba coffee have different types of  espresso categories;

1-Special Espresso “Arabica 100%”

Where there is several types, from them which got 83 point till 87 point.

With different degrees of roasting, the consumer determines which degree of roasting he prefer.


2- Gourmet Espresso “Arabica 100%”

It is one classification and comes within a special package. This gourmet coffee got points exceeds 80 point.

It is for special connoisseur .It had been roasted by one degree of roasting which is intermediate.

3-Heavy Espresso

It is a mixture of Arabic and Robusta coffee according to the requirements and desires of customers. It is of strong foam and special bitter taste desired by connoisseurs.

4- Light Espresso

It is  also a mixture of Arabic and Robusta coffee but with different percentage than the heavy Espresso. Its foam and bitter taste is less than the heavy Espresso, but it is suitable for those who prefer Espresso without heavy bitterness.

B – Americano or filter coffee.

Filter coffee is known as filtered coffee, which its color is close to tea’s color after its preparation, but its taste is like the pure coffee but without foam. Unlike the normal coffee it is completely clear from coffee residue.

It is prepared by different methods; as French Press and  Brazilian V16 filter paper.

The filtration varies according to  the thickness of the paper or according to the French press cup used.


Elba Filter coffee

The coffee used for special Espresso and gourmet is the same that is used in filter coffee.

Our filter coffee is categorized according to filtration method;

Heavy filter which is prepared by filter paper.

Light filter which is prepared by French press.

III – Capsule coffee

As for the modern classifications of coffee nowadays, Capsule coffee is widespread. It could be considered as the most special, pure and fine coffee.

Consumers who want to drink a coffee that does not have any doubts about its pureness. It is a coffee that is not touched by any human hand. From roasting process to a cup of coffee. After putting the coffee in the toaster it is directed to the mill and then to the capsule machines and then to the cartons or to special bags. And then prepared in the coffee shops without any touch of   human hand through special capsule machines.

Elba Capsules

In our company we have 5 different types of capsules, prepared from Gourmet Arabica coffee 100% which are:



3- Heavy

4 –With cardamom

5 – Free from caffeine.


Old Elba products




Arabica coffee, produced through a rigorous selection of grains from the Circuitos das Águas Paulistas region. Especially roasted for use in espresso machines, it results in a creamy, full-bodied coffee with a striking aroma and delicious taste.








Individually packed, nitrogen-based capsules to preserve the taste and aroma of the product. Experience the warmth of a cup of coffee, wrapped in creaminess and excellence.




With intense chocolate notes, it has a perfect balance between its velvety body and medium intensity citric acidity, which gives a very nice finish with floral aroma. Pack of








With an elegantly citric character, combined with notes of chocolate and caramel, it is a full-bodied drink with a soft touch to the palate. It has citric acidity perfect for a refreshing finish with floral aroma.