Elba green is a Brazilian company in origin (widely spread all over the world, in the four continents; Asia, Africa, South America and Europe).

Mainly has three branches In Brazil  Turkey  China

Vision of Elba coffee

Leadership and innovation to reach all consumers’ desired tastes  and focus on Special coffee.


Mission of Elba coffee

We strive to raise the level of taste for consumers to the level of special coffee as it is not exclusive to anyone.


Goals of Elba coffee

1- Wide spread through our unique products.

2-Reach the final consumer without any barriers.

3 – Ensure the needs of consumers within appropriate suitable prices.

4 – Ensure all the requirements of coffee in terms of diversity of consumers’ tastes.

5 – Spreading awareness of the nature of coffee from the first steps of its cultivation till the last step

“ A cup of coffee”. In order to make the consumer in a complete awareness of what he chooses

and how he chooses.

In order to make the right choice, firstly we need to know what is coffee , what is its types and how it could be classified.


The city of Espírito Santo do Pinhal, located in the interior and Mogiana region of the State of São Paulo, is a city known for its excellent geographic location for coffee plantations, in mountainous region, with temperature and climate ideal for coffee, is over 870 meters of altitude, a factor that favors the quality of coffee,

the city is Traditionally known as “The Land of Coffee”, given its long history of production and marketing of the product.The region has Geographical Indication (GI) of Provenance since 2016, the Geographical Indication of Origin is the basis of traceability, and represents the quality of the coffee produced in our region..The estimated production is 240,000 bags of 60 kg/year, beginning its harvest in May, ending in September.In a region where coffee plantations already existed, with the arrival of the Italian, German and Spanish immigrants, more than 150 years ago, the opportunity for growth and work was glimpsed.They acquired their land and maintained, until the present day, a family farming.


Arabica coffee means almost 70% of world trade in coffee, resulting in a tastier drink,less bitter and less caffeine content.


Facilitated by logistics in transportation,our location is at a distance of 218 km from the port of Santos.Elba Brazilian Coffee has chosen this region with appreciation to care for and preserve the quality of the best

Brazilian coffee.